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$20 / 15 min.

Walk & Talk

A wonderful option for warmer days! Movement and Talk combined. We meet at an agreed location and discover the benefits of Walking and Sharing what is on your hearts and minds.
Saskatoon, 7 days a week.

Video/Phone Chat

From the comfort of your home, guidance, support and listening ear by appointment. A few platforms to choose from - Zoom, Google Meet, Signal, Skype, Teams. Whole Hearts Matter provides this option at any time either via phone call or text message.

Meet & Greet

A very convenient option, 15min INTRO appointment to determine whether we can be a "good match" to work together. In-office, video/phone, outdoors.

In-Office/In-Home Visit

A cozy, comfortable and private space located in Forest Grove, Saskatoon, or from the comfort of your own home for the consecutive visits.

The word “EAR” sits right in the middle of the word “H-EAR-T”. Peer Support is a Heart Work. It is more than to listen and to talk. it is more than effective questioning. it is more than sharing your story. those are mechanics. to be truly present is to communicate in a whole new way... the connection is made, not with ears, not with the tongue, not even with the brain. the connection is made with the heart."

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